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Pine Brook Kennels is now under the NEW ownership of Doggie Shrink.
We welcome the clients of Pine Brook, into the Doggie Shrink family and organization!!

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We are excited to show you all the improvements to both the facility and services offered!!!

Doggie Shrink K9 Counselor Hazmat

With tons of social, phobia, anxiety, and aggression rehabilitation hours under his collar, Hazmat loves to help us “clean up” unreliable canine behavioral messes! He's a whiz at delivering balanced and appropriate corrections to stifle and teach under-socialized puppies and dogs not to bite. Hazmat is employed in our “Play and Train” groups and doggie daycare “Stay and Play” programs preventing play from turning aggressive. He understands the appropriate measures to take when he needs to intervene. He helps rehabilitate dogs who have been kicked out of doggy daycares, training programs, boarding facilities or have been surrendered to shelters for unruly, excessively rough, or aggressive behaviors. Hazmat’s talent for defusing situations that otherwise might result in fights or aggression is unmatched! He corrects, subdues, redirects, and encourages “safe” dog behaviors through proper, fun-filled social play.

Hazmat is a Belgian Tervuren, one of four types of Belgian sheepherding dog breeds. He is extremely intense, intelligent, loyal, athletic and comical! When we rescued him at 8 months old, he weighed only 22 pounds. He had been neglected and abused mentally and physically. He suffered from malnutrition and severe psychological problems. Once healthy, he emerged as a top Doggie Shrink K9 Counselor rehabilitating clients' dogs suffering from anxiety, fears and phobias which are among the most challenging behaviors to treat! From heartbreak to happiness, Hazmat shows his gratitude through the wonderful work he does everyday rehabilitating dogs!