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Pine Brook Kennels is now under the NEW ownership of Doggie Shrink.
We welcome the clients of Pine Brook, into the Doggie Shrink family and organization!!

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Doggie Shrink K9 Counselor Hunter

Huntersville, a.k.a. Hunter, is a lover, not a fighter! Because Beagles were bred to hunt in packs, they are usually excellent with other dogs, have outgoing temperaments, comical personalities, and possess fantastic social skills. They enjoy companionship and thrive on it! Meet K9 Counselor Hunter, Doggie Shrink’s social genius! He's an accomplished problem solver with great communication skills. Hunter assists by encouraging shy dogs that need a boost or boisterous dogs that need calming down to safely play and confidently interact with anyone. His specialty? Hunter is an expert in using “calming signals”, which dogs use to avoid conflict, invite play, and communicate a wide range of information to other dogs and people. Hunter’s ability to keep aggression from happening by using body language, space, signals and patience is simply amazing! His influence in our canine therapy sessions teaches reactive, hyperactive, or fearful/aggressive dogs to react calmly and politely when encountering other dogs or people. Instead of the dogs expending their energy by getting aggressive, excited, or worried about the happenings going on around them, Hunter helps calm their energy so they can focus on the task at hand. Now you know why he is our little social genius!

We adopted Hunter, tri-color Beagle, from animal control in North Carolina after being surrendered for “being a runner”. According to his relinquishing family, he was constantly running away, digging holes under fences, and bolting out the front door to greet the neighbors and play with their dogs. Since his adoption, Hunter has been retrained in on-and-off-leash obedience. The only “running” he does now is on the agility course!