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Pine Brook Kennels is now under the NEW ownership of Doggie Shrink.
We welcome the clients of Pine Brook, into the Doggie Shrink family and organization!!

** Daycare, Boarding, Training, Grooming **

Our website is in the process of being updated, and will soon be available.
We are excited to show you all the improvements to both the facility and services offered!!!

Doggie Shrink K9 Counselor Money

Money is our most experienced K9 Counselor at Doggie Shrink. She has logged thousands of hours assisting us with problematic dogs and their behaviors. Her specialty is dog-dog socialization work and owner obedience. Because of Money, we have rehabilitated hundreds of dogs who otherwise would have been re-homed, surrendered to a shelter, or the saddest scenario, euthanized. Her influence in our canine behavior therapy sessions transfers confidence back to the owner, changes the dog’s problem behavior, and builds balance at both ends of the leash!

Money is an Australian Stumpy Tailed Cattle Dog. She was slated for euthanasia at a shelter in Texas due to her aggressive behavior towards animals and humans. We adopted her in 2004, retrained her, and gave her a job teaching and rehabilitating other dogs with the same aggressiveness that originally landed her the shelter! She is living proof that old dogs can learn new tricks!