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Pine Brook Kennels is now under the NEW ownership of Doggie Shrink.
We welcome the clients of Pine Brook, into the Doggie Shrink family and organization!!

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Our website is in the process of being updated, and will soon be available.
We are excited to show you all the improvements to both the facility and services offered!!!

Doggie Shrink K9 Counselor Havoc

Nuff Said! This little rough and tough dynamo takes her job very seriously! Havoc is an energetic, enthusiastic, well-balanced K9 Counselor who specializes in being “unbalanced and untrained”. Make no mistake; Havoc’s obedience is top notch, but her ability to “switch” from balanced to unbalanced dog makes her job pretty unique to our canine training and behavior therapy program. Her job, along with her cohorts Hoodwink and HyJinx, is to create “real life” situations for dogs and their owners to safely practice problem behaviors. Simply put, Havoc “pretends” to be that out of control dog clients meet “on the street”…the type of dog that turns from an otherwise sweet dog into a lunging, barking, pulling out-of-control mess!

Whether a dog reacts to others by barking, growling, stiffening, or hiding behind the owner's legs, Havoc’s distracter skills provide exactly what owners need in training sessions: safe scenarios for building their confidence, practicing handling their dog and gaining control of this common and frustrating problem! The owner learns to keep their dog calm in the presence of a trigger while teaching their dog to make good choices.
Havoc has helped make hundreds of walks enjoyable again for both clients and their dogs.

Havoc is a French Bulldog that has two settings… Go and Go Faster! She hasn't found a dog yet that she doesn't like! Along with having fun with dogs, incorporating play into training (and training into play), Havoc is a dog that not only has a great attitude about working, but also has learned to adjust her play style for any dog. She is one of our “go to” dogs in our "Play and Stay" and dog walking programs to help motivate fearful dogs overcome fear, play with other dogs, and have fun. Havoc loves her job, and she hasn't found a dog yet that she doesn't like!