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Pine Brook Kennels is now under the NEW ownership of Doggie Shrink.
We welcome the clients of Pine Brook, into the Doggie Shrink family and organization!!

** Daycare, Boarding, Training, Grooming **

Our website is in the process of being updated, and will soon be available.
We are excited to show you all the improvements to both the facility and services offered!!!

Basic Manners 2 Class is a 6 week program

Do you want your dog to behave whether or not you are holding a treat or toy? So do we! We will show you how to get reliable behaviors without bribing your dog, giving you results that last, with or without treats.

The Beyond Basic manners class is a great way to take the foundation of training you and your dog have begun with Doggie Shrink and take it to the next level. We prepare you to take your dog out in the “real world” and enjoy cafes, parks, or other dog-friendly gathering spots, knowing your dog will calmly listen to you - even as strangers, other dogs, and other distractions  surround you. We work on extended stays with major distractions, on and off leash recalls, better leash skills, a “place” command, and a “meet and greet” exercise that teaches your dog to control himself during interactions with people and other dogs. We give you the tools for teaching and reinforcing good behaviors the RIGHT way. Super prompt sits, rock solid down-stays, reliable recalls are just 6 weeks away! Hurry spots fill quickly, reserve yours today!