K9 Training and Behavior Modification Therapy For Dogs.
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Pine Brook Kennels is now under the NEW ownership of Doggie Shrink.
We welcome the clients of Pine Brook, into the Doggie Shrink family and organization!!

** Daycare, Boarding, Training, Grooming **

Our website is in the process of being updated, and will soon be available.
We are excited to show you all the improvements to both the facility and services offered!!!

All workshops are 1.5 hours in duration

If you have the time we have the tips! These are the cut to the chase therapy sessions you've been looking for! Choose from 6 behavior focused sessions to get you back on track to having a well behaved dog.

Potty Training:

These workshops will give you the secrets to organizing, planning and establishing a successful potty training schedule for your new pup or rescue dog!

Leave It:

Help your dog understand “leave it” and “take it.” Two very important safety cues in the dog world. We’ll help you practice and perfect these skills together.

Puppy Sleep Training:

Is your pup making bed time a nightmare? Doggie Shrink can turn it into sweet dreams! Our workshop will teach you everything you need to know to help your puppy learn to sleep through the night, so you can too!

No More Jumping:

Help your dog to understand to keep “4 on the floor” when it comes to greeting people at home and in public. Learn how to stop jumping up behaviors, once and for all!

Leash Manners:

Walking your dog doesn’t have to be a drag! Learn loose-leash walking and leash manners, so you can practice and enjoy walks together!

Sit, Down Stay – Taught In a Day:

Learn and perfect the two most important skills relied on to correct the most common behavior problems!